Montana Vets ~ Montana Waters’ mission is to assist Montana’s veterans in transitioning from their service-related physical and emotional wounds by providing them with premium quality outdoor experiences primarily centered around fly fishing on Montana’s rivers, lakes, and streams.


Montana Vets - Montana Waters


A Message from MV-MW’s Board of Directors

MV-MW is dedicated to helping Montana veterans for a reason; namely, because Montana is second only to Alaska in having the highest number of Veterans per capita in the nation; specifically, 99,646.  Put another way, about ten out of every 10,000 Montanans are veterans, and a significant number of those veterans are women.  Most significantly though, Montana has the highest Veteran suicide rate in the country.

It is plain to MV-MW that Montana’s veterans deserve special attention, and that helping them also helps Montana as a whole.  MV-MW intends to focus on giving our Veterans all the special attention possible so we can help stop the Veteran suicides, and help our Veterans recover from their continuing emotional and physical wounds.  

Our promise to every Montanan is that every financial contribution MV-MW receives from them will stay in Montana and will be spent only to help Montana Veterans recover from their wounds.  If you can, please help us help them.  Thanks.


Fly Fishing on the Missouri River
Fly Fishing on the Missouri River


During the Summer months of the 2017 Montana Fishing Season, MV-MW provided recreational therapeutic services to 42 Montana Veterans, primarily in the form of fly fishing excursions. Details about these excursions can be found under “Events”.

While at the Events tab you can also read about the fly tying demonstrations that MV-MW conducted at the Cabela’s Store in Missoula on April 15th as part of the Store’s Fly Fishing Festival. We expect to participate in this event, and others like it, for many more years to come.

There is also a description available on Events of two Fly Fishing trips that were offered to MV-MW by the Complete Fly Fisher Lodge in Wise River last May. These trips allowed 24 Montana Veterans – 12 women on one trip, and 12 men on the other — to benefit from this form of recreational therapy.


Also please acknowledge the Friends of MV-MW. These are the businesses and individuals who have helped and enabled MV-MW to assist Montana’s Veterans. These organizations and people contributed professional services, funding, advertising, and in-kind donations, without which MV-MW would not have been able to help as many Veterans as we have so far. MV-MW is extremely grateful for their help.

A typical annual MV-MW budget and Our Operational Plan are also available for review.

MV-MW needs continuing community support as it strives to achieve its goal of providing recreational therapeutic services for as many Montana Veterans as possible. Any person or organization that wishes to help MV-MW financially or by contributing services or other resources may do so directly via Contact Us, by phone (406.437.1115), email or with the following PayPal link:

MV-MW is an all-volunteer organization, so all financial contributions it receives are used exclusively to help Montana Veterans.
All contributions are tax deductible and will be most gratefully appreciated. Thank You.

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