Operational Plan

Montana Vets – Montana Waters, Inc. (MV-MW) is incorporated in Montana as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donors are allowed to deduct contributions they make to MV-MW under IRC Section 170.

The ultimate goal of MV-MW is to assist Montana’s veterans in transitioning from their service related physical and emotional wounds by providing them with recreational therapeutic services primarily centered around fly fishing on Montana’s rivers, lakes, and streams.

MV-MW is a volunteer-based organization; none of its officers or advisory council members are compensated in any way for the energy and time they provide to the organization. Similarly, and in contrast to other organizations with similar missions and goals, all of the monetary contributions MV-MW receives stay in Montana for the sole purpose of helping eligible Montana Veterans.

To accomplish this goal in a sustainable fashion MV-MW focuses its efforts in four specific areas:

¨ Identifying and communicating with veterans who are eligible to participate in MV-MW fly fishing events, primarily fly tying and fly fishing;

¨ Identifying and communicating with licensed fishing guides and outfitters who are willing to offer their services and equipment as in-kind donations or at a discount to provide eligible veterans with premier fly fishing trips and experiences;

¨ Identifying and communicating with corporations, businesses, grantors, service and fraternal organizations, and individuals that are willing to financially sponsor specific trips or contribute to MV-MW to cover incidental or unforeseen expenses, or costs associated with non-sponsored fly fishing float trips and experiences; and

¨ Public recognition for all those who provide the resources that enable MV-MW to provide these trips and experiences to Montana’s veterans.

MV-MW’s various outreach efforts enable MV-MW to continuously identify and contact veterans across Montana to make them aware of MV-MW’s desire to assist them. These efforts allow MV-MW to create and maintain a list of veterans who want to take advantage of MV-MW’s therapeutic services. MV-MW also continuously seeks to identify licensed fly fishing guides and outfitters who are willing and capable of hosting eligible veterans on fishing trips, both floating and wading, on many of Montana’s rivers, lakes, and streams. Some of these guides and outfitters simply contribute their services as in-kind, charitable donations to MV-MW, 
 while others offer their services at significantly discounted rates.

MV-MW also continually seeks to identify and contact corporate and individual sponsors to cover the costs of specific trips, in whole or in part with co-sponsors. Many of these donors also contribute funds to help defray MV-MW’s administrative expenses, or to help pay for fishing trips that are not fully sponsored. Additionally, MV-MW works with the Montana Community Foundation, the Montana Non-Profit Association, and the Helena Are Community Foundation to identify and contact various charitable giving foundations which offer financial assistance, usually in the form of grants, to non-profit organizations like MV-MW. Funding received from these sources are also used, to the extent necessary to pay for MV-MWs administrative expenses, such as cell phone service, liability insurance, and for printing services or advertising.

In short, MV-MW’s operational goal is to bring together with MV-MW two different groups of people.  First, MV-MW continuously seeks to partner with licensed guides and outfitters who want to provide fly fishing experiences to Montana’s Veterans.  Second, MV-MW works hard to identify and partner with various business organizations or charitable giving foundations that are willing to sponsor specific fly fishing events, or that may simply want to financially contribute to MV-MW to help us pay for non-sponsored fly fishing events, or administrative expenses. Finally, MV-MW schedules previously identified Montana Veterans to participate in these fly-fishing events after the guiding and financial arrangement have been finalized.

All in-kind and monetary contributions made to MV-MW to make these therapeutic services possible are fully tax deductible, and MV-MW provides each contributor with written acknowledgement of each donation.